Jordy, a highly skilled and experienced sim racing driver, is a key member of our prestigious racing team. With nearly a decade of dedicated participation on the iRacing platform, Jordy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Not only has he proven himself as a formidable competitor in virtual racing, but he has also taken his passion to the real world by founding our esteemed team.

In addition to his virtual racing accomplishments, Jordy has embarked on an exciting journey into real-world racing, starting with the renowned Guernsey Hill climb. This transition showcases Jordy’s versatility and determination as he successfully translates his skills from the virtual realm to actual race circuits. His fearless approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled him to remarkable achievements. Furthermore, Jordy enjoys engaging in friendly banter with fellow driver Jens, playfully reminding him that, despite Jens’s lack of equipment updates over the past three years, Jordy remains faster on the track. This camaraderie adds a vibrant dynamic to their racing relationship, fueling their competitive spirits and pushing them to reach new heights. Jordy’s profound racing knowledge, leadership, and exceptional talent make him an invaluable asset to our team, inspiring us all to strive for greatness.

iRating ~2.5k.


Jens is a dedicated and talented sim racing driver who has quickly made a name for himself in the virtual racing community. His journey into the world of sim racing began during the pandemic, and since then, his skills have been steadily progressing. Jens’s favorite cars, the BMW GT3 M4 and BMW LMDH, perfectly suit his racing style, providing him with the speed and precision he craves on the virtual track.

Not content with just a basic setup, Jens has spared no effort in creating an impressive racing rig. Equipped with a motion setup and virtual reality (VR) technology, he takes his sim racing experience to the next level. The motion setup provides a realistic feel, allowing Jens to sense the subtle shifts and forces that come with high-speed racing. Combined with VR, he immerses himself in a virtual world where he can truly feel the adrenaline rush and tackle every twist and turn of his favorite track, the Nürburgring. Jens’s dedication to his craft and his cutting-edge setup make him a formidable force to be reckoned with in the world of sim racing.

iRating ~2k.


Timo, an exceptional sim racing talent, is a valuable asset to our esteemed racing team. With his iRacing rating nearing an impressive 4k, Timo stands head and shoulders above the competition, solidifying his position as the team’s most skilled driver. What started as a guest appearance quickly evolved into a promising partnership, and we eagerly look forward to many more races together.

Timo’s unparalleled performance on the virtual track showcases his extraordinary abilities and unwavering dedication. His consistent excellence and unmatched skills make him a force to be reckoned with in the sim racing community. As a team, we are privileged to have Timo on board, and his presence adds a level of competitiveness and professionalism that inspires us all to push our limits and strive for greatness.

With each race, Timo’s exceptional talent and commitment to success shine through, propelling him to new heights of achievement. As a team, we are thrilled to have him as a member and eagerly anticipate the races to come. Timo’s remarkable skills, combined with his unwavering determination, make him an invaluable asset to our team, and we are honored to have him as our top driver.

iRating ~4k.