Neutron Motorsports Soars to Victory in iRacing Nuerburgring 24 Hours Split #3

We are thrilled to announce that our sim racing team, Neutron Motorsports, has emerged victorious in Split #3 of the grueling Nürburgring 24 Hours event! Our trio of drivers, Liam, Matthew, and Jens, have proven their mettle by sharing the P1 win in an epic battle.3.

The journey began with Liam setting the tone for our team by qualifying as the fastest driver. He then led the way during the first two stints before handing over the reins to Jens, who had only two evenings to practice before the event. Despite this challenge, Jens remained focused and consistent, driving at a pace just a few seconds off that of his teammates.

Throughout the 24 hours of racing, our drivers rotated seamlessly, with Matthew taking turns behind the wheel. He faced stiff competition from Green Hell Racing, who pushed us all the way to the final fuel splash. Matthew’s tired eyes had to battle through the darkness of night racing, with no advantage offered by European time zones. Yet, he persevered, already back in the thick of racing at 0600 the next morning.

Meanwhile, Jens had three close calls during his stint, but his reflexes proved unmatched as he expertly saved each situation from turning into a disaster. In one instance, he even overslept and forced Liam to drive four consecutive stints, which likely sealed our fate and secured the win.

Liam, who faced a unique challenge in transitioning from prototype racing to GT3, adapted quickly and executed his final stint flawlessly, holding off second place to secure our victory with a margin of just seven seconds. His efforts were capped off by setting our team’s fastest lap at an impressive 8:14.716.

As a team, we drove an incredible 170 laps, with Liam piloting the car for 79 of them and leading 19 laps. Our collective dedication, skill, and teamwork have earned us a well-deserved P1 victory in Split #3 of the Nürburgring 24 Hours.

We’ll be pouring over the replay to relive the thrilling moments that saw our team win split #3!